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Review:Red Bows Cami & G-String

February 19, 2010

Red Bows Cami & G-string
$39.99 from


A girl can never have too much lingerie. The problem however lies in finding lingerie that suits the wearer. It’s like a never ending quest. Generally I have a lot of luck with the Coquette line of corsets, bustiers, and camisoles. The sizing is spot on and the quality rocks my socks. However, it seems this time I tested my luck one too many times.

The black and red combination is what initially drew me to the “Red Bows Cami & G-String” set. I figured it would be perfect for Valentines Day. Something long that would sit just above my butt, cover my stomach and not take away my confidence. The print design is a bit tacky, but I was able to get past the black bows printed on the red mesh. After all my goal was to look ‘cute’ for Valentine’s Day.

Black mesh ruffles accent the sharp V cut cups, which tends to draw the lookers eyes to your chest. There is a black satin bow that sits right at the point of the V. Depending on who you are this can either be eye catching or distracting. Since the cami features no underwire you have to rely on the bra straps for support. Women with more than a D-cup may find that the straps offer little to no support and may experience spillage from the small triangle cups.

Sadly as I did the whole stretch and pull down over your head routine, I heard it tear. Upon inspection I found that it had ripped in the front. It seems that the mesh that is between to the black velvet lines that run down the cami is pulled really tight. I tried tugging on the back of the cami where there is only mesh and had no problems with tearing. Since the tear from my small tug was quite large I was not able to wear it for my special holiday.

The included g-string is a Y-style. It sits low on the pubic mound and the triangle is small but covers 90% of what it’s supposed to. The tag says it’s one size fits all, which does not tell you much. To the best of my knowledge it is around size 5-6/M. I found it uncomfortable because unlike the mesh on the cami the material is quite scratchy. This is a little odd as both parts are made out of mesh with elastic bands. I wanted to chalk it up as being because there is no pantie liner, but even the material feels different. Scratchy mesh and bare skin girly bits does not make for a nice combination.

Perhaps I received a badly manufactured set, but I’m not going to hold my breath. I’d pass just in case you were to receive one too. Not holding up when you’re putting it on is just not cool.

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