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Review: SportSheet Bed Restraints

April 30, 2010

SportSheet Queen Size $166.34 from

For as long as I can remember I’ve lusted after the SportSheet Bed Restraints. Sure I own their Under the Bed Restraints system, but it just isn’t the same and so my lust continued. Finally was kind enough to fulfill my desire without asking for my soul in exchange. Once I found out that these sheets would be arriving on my doorstep I was giddy with excitement, but upon arrival all I could do was stare at the plastic shell that housed my new sheet. Would they pass inspection or fail with an angry wrath?

Setting up was quite easy. Instead of being lined with elastic like most fitted sheets the restraints sheet has a drawstring on one corner so that you can tighten it to fit. Generally most fitted sheets sag on our queen size bed, but the drawstring made for a nice tight fit. Along with the drawstring there are two nylon straps that go under the mattress to be threaded into the buckles on the other side of the sheet so that the sheet stays in place during play.

Everything about the SportSheet exceeded my expectations. One of my biggest worries was that the sheet was going to be scratchy, after all velcro attaches to it. Instead the sheet was quite soft and reminded me of a low quality velvet material. I had my doubts that the velcro would hold onto the sheet as Sportsheet brand claimed, but after multiple sessions the sheets held true. Be it Maverick or myself, we were not going anywhere by sheer struggle and strength alone.

The sheet is not foul-proof though. Your partner can easily twist their hand and grab a corner of the anchor pad to rip it up to set themselves free. SportSheets advises buying “tethers” so that you can still restrain your partner but place the pads out of their reach. Hopefully you’ll have a partner who’s not going to be a big pain in the ass though.

As with all things, everything must have a flaw otherwise the universe will explode upon itself. The fact of the matter is that it takes a fucking wizard to fold these sheets back up to put away. I’m not even kidding. I’ve worked as a maid in motels before with no problem, yet I could not for the life of me fold these sheets back up neatly. Eventually I gave up just reattached them to our bed with our fitted sheet on top. This is actually quite comfy and makes it easy to play when we want.

Included with the sheet set is a DVD. I urge you not to simply toss it aside and let it gather dust. Trust me, I had the same thought until I watched it. Not only are there instructions on how easy it is to set this system up, but tons of awesome ideas on how to place the anchor pads as well. I never would have thought to use the cuffs as a collar and the pads to restrain your partners head down. Would you? If you can’t play the DVD you can also visit the SportSheet website and preview with the option to download the video as well.

One thing I love is that there are just so many ways you can use these sheets. From the examples included on the DVD, buying rope to bind your partner down, using thigh harnesses, or buying some of the accessories that are made for the sheet itself (hump and bump pillow, dildo anchor pads, etc) to use with your sextoys.

The only thing I would change about the Bed Restraints is the cuffs.  They are lined with neoprene/velcro and while they  do their job well the material just feels cheap and causes my wrists to sweat. Eventually I’d like to replace them with higher quality cuffs.  However if you have the money and are interested in a little BDSM play, GO FOR IT! They rock and are worth the price.


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  1. June 28, 2010 10:42 pm

    Wait, So the little squares just velcro on where ever you’d like them? I haven’t even tried my under the bed restraints yet and now I want this one! Too bad I only have a double bed, guess it gives me a reason to put it off for a while!

    • June 28, 2010 11:04 pm

      Yup! Anywhere you want them to go on the sheet you just peel and place and they hold whoever captive.

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