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Review: bSwish bCute Curve

May 1, 2010

bSwish bCute Curve
$23.00 from

Finding your g-spot seems to be the rave these days in the sex-toy community. I’ll be the first to admit that so far I have had no luck in finding my g-spot and while I had high hopes that the bSwish bCute Curve in all its cuteness would help me, it didn’t. Despite not helping me with finding my g-spot it wasn’t a complete bust.

True to its name the bCute Curve measures in at 4 1/2″ length and 1″ diameter, with only 3″ of that being insertable.  For those who enjoy a shallow depth of internal stimulation this may prove to be wonderful. However, if you like larger toys and need something to fill  you, you may have to pass this one up in your g spot vibrators quest.

Powered by 1 AA battery the vibrations are quite buzzy, but not too strong. You can adjust the level of vibration from a dull rumble to cellphone level easily with the turn-dial battery cap. The vibrations seem to be pinpointed just under the slight curve at the tip rather than filling the whole shaft. The curved portion is slightly squishy with a tiny give,  but the shaft is very ridged due to the silicone covering the hard plastic that cases the battery.  This is most likely the reason why the vibrations are more pinpointed at the tip.

Save for its plastic cap the bCute Curve is made of a non-porous velvety silicone and should only be used with water based lubricants.  While the bCute Curve claims to be waterproof I would not submerge it. During washing some water managed to seep past the O-ring. While the silicone is non-porous, the seams of the toy make it impossible to completely sterilize the Curve. So if you’re planning on sharing you may want to cover it with a condom.

Due to the leaking water I would classify the bCute Curve as splashproof rather than waterproof.  Combine the splashproof-ness with the quietness of the vibrations and you have a discreet shower toy. I have no doubt that anyone across the room, outside of doors, and perhaps on the other side of the bed would be able to guess what you’re up to.

Included with the vibrator is a cute black satin drawstring bag with a pink satin lining. There is a small tag on the outside with the bSwish logo. The inclusion of this bag is a wonderful way for keeping it tucked away without picking up lint, fur, or dirt. I wish all of my vibrators came with their own storage bags.

While the bCute Curve is too thin and short for me to use internally for pleasure, I  found the pinpointed vibrations worked quite well as a clitoral stimulator. I would have preferred a bit more power in the vibrations as it took a long time on high to get me off. So, my quest to find my g-spot still continues.

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