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Review: OhMiBod Gspot

May 30, 2010

OhMiBod G-Spot Vibrator
$68.15 from

When I turned eighteen and moved out on my own one of my firsts tasks was to find an aid to help me masturbate successfully. After a bit of light browsing I ran across the OhMiBod and was intrigued. Sadly, I broke it while trying to insert the batteries so I was never able to test it out.

Even though it’s been three years my interest in the OhMiBod line has stayed. Rather than test the original I decided on the OhMiBod Gspot variation. It is a 7 1/2″ long (5 1/2″ insertable) and 1″ in diameter vibrator made from non-toxic, non porous hot pink ABS plastic that has the ability to vibrate/pulse to your music selection.

OhMiBod includes two end caps, (one for music hookup and one to turn it into a regular vibrator with seven weak speeds of vibrations) a 3-foot “freedom” cable which has a splitter on one plug end for your headphone jacks, and a hot-pink velvet bag embroidered with “OhMiBod”.

First let’s learn from my mistake and insert 2AA batteries that are NOT rechargeable. Unlike the original OhMiBod that I had purchased this one includes an instruction book that has its own bold bullet-ed point telling you not to use rechargeable batteries. I find this to be insane. You cost almost $70.00 and you can’t handle rechargeable batteries…REALLY?! Moving on…

Once you manage to scrounge around for some non-rechargables and jump out of your skin upon screwing the cap on due to the sudden burst of vibration grab your iPod, mp3 player, disc-man (does anyone even own these anymore?), or any other music player of your choice that has an audio output. Plug one end of your cable into your music player and the other into the end cap. One end of the cord has a splitter on it so that you can plug your headphones in to enjoy your music while grooving.

The instruction book recommends setting your volume to sweet-spot of 75% which the vibrator was tested to react the best to your music. I wish this was true, but it’s not. You have to fiddle with the volume control for each song in order to get the vibrations to work right. Too low and you get half ass vibrations. Too high and you get a constant vibration.

While compiling and testing out my playlist I quickly found out that the song has to have a strong beat with little going on in the foreground. Unless you like constant vibrations. If it has a lack of a beat then you’ll have a lack of vibrations.

Playlist of songs that didn’t suck

  • Angel in the Night – Basshunter
  • Vampire Killer – Castlevania
  • Hearing Damaged – Thom York
  • Super Massive Black Hole – Muse
  • Inner Universe – Origa
  • Fuck like a star – Porcelain and the Tramps

One thing that was totally unforgivable to me was the fact that none of my favorite Nine Inch Nails songs responded. Anytime you ask someone about a list of songs to have sex to, NIN is up at the top. FAIL! A PLAGUE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES!  If you’re having trouble finding some songs that work well, go to Pandora and set it to techno.

The vibrations themselves are not impressive, but can be strong if constant. However they feel really unbalanced. Does anyone remember those pens that had a weight that spun on top so that you could make shaky loops and designs? That unbalanced weighty feeling is a perfect description and isn’t something I was able to ignore easily. Combine that with having to run volume control on every song and the whole experience was ruined.

Stick with playing your music separately and use another vibrator that features pulsing patterns like the LeLo Gigi for a better experience.

Noise Level:

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. May 31, 2010 5:46 pm

    YES. EXACTLY. It’s really hard to find songs that actually work. In fact, would you believe me if I said I was working on a similar list of songs that don’t suck with the Freestyle? Because that’s the best way of describing it… it’s not that they work really well, just that they don’t suck as much as others.

  2. June 2, 2010 2:34 pm

    Ack, there goes the OhMiBod from my Christmas wish list. Everyone has had various reviews on it and must of it with the wires and the lack of good vibrations unless you put on a very heavy vibrations song. Oh well.

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