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Review: Vanta

June 4, 2010

VIDA Vanta $59.99 from

If you’re an active member in the sex toy community you have most likely heard about Vida International and their line of products. They have been gaining a lot of press lately from appearances with celebrities to the Agent Vida twitter account. It’s not hard to see why they have grown to the top of the HOT list. After much lusting for products in this line I settled on reviewing the VIDA Vanta from Fascinations — their prices are the cheapest I’ve seen which makes owning a Vida vibe very cost efficient.

Vida makes a jaw dropping impression right from the start by packaging each of their products in a beautiful black flax leather storage tote with the Vida logo embossed on the front. If you find that you don’t want to use the velvet suede tote to store your new vibrator you have another included option. Inside you will find a soft microfiber storage pouch — also featuring the Vida logo — just untie the bow, open it up and find the slit to slip the vibrator into, fold the panels and secure with the black ribbons. It takes up less space and is more convenient for bedside storage.

Nestled perfectly in memory foam is the Vanta, a sleek onyx black matte silicone and anodized gun metal aluminum clitoral vibrator. The pink band on the control bulb lends the only color when powered off and really gives it a visual appeal. It is five inches long with the largest diameter being an inch and a half at the tip. The bulbous control end fits perfectly in your hand as the curved tip nuzzles against your clitoris. In a way the Vanta reminds me of a backwards Layaspot but with the same hugging action.

Turning the Vanta on is as easy as pushing the control button which will become back-lit with a soft pink light that matches the pink band. To turn off simply press and hold for three seconds, no accidental power offs when cycling through the five speeds of vibrations.

Speed 1 – rivals a cellphone vibration and sounds like one.
Speed 2 – kicks up a level of volume to sound like an electric toothbrush but not much change in strength.
Speed 3 – matches the Layaspot at full strength but is pretty buzzy.
Speed 4 – not much stronger than speed 3.
Speed 5 – double speed 3 and sounds like an electric razor.

While at first I wasn’t too impressed with the vibrations the Vanta captured my soul by speed five. For such a small vibrator it packs a very buzzy punch. I was almost driven insane by the tickling sensation on my palm as I gripped the bulbous control end. The vibrations strongly echoed through the handle and as the level went up so did the tickling sensation and volume. Despite this small torture I had to move the former reining Layaspot, over for the new clitoral pleasing queen.

The vibrations are the strongest I’ve felt in a battery operated and rechargeable line of vibrators. I was able to easily get off without growing frustrated and resorting to the Hitachi. The silicone was soft and the design perfectly spooned into me. I can without a doubt recommend this to anyone who wants a strong rechargeable clitoral stimulator and doesn’t mind some buzzy vibrations.

Vida claims their line of vibrators — aside from Urja — are waterproof, but where the aluminum comes together are visible seams where the backlighting from the control button shines through. Because of this I was afraid to test its swimming ability. I can however say that it is splash proof and easy to clean.

Aside from giving you a jaw-dropping arrival the Vanta comes to you fully charged and ready to use. I left it on high and it finally died shortly after the two hour mark, but never fear it is rechargeable. Simply plug the included adapter into the charge port covered by a small silicone flap. When plugged in and charging, the power button is backlit by a blinking pink light which turns to a solid pink light when the charge is complete. The instructions say that you should leave it plugged in for at least three hours for its first charge. After the first charge you can expect it to be ready to use within an hour for two hours of play.

If you haven’t gathered by now Vanta has become one of my favorite go-tos for an easy orgasm. It is petite, green friendly, long lasting and easy to use. If it were a little quieter you could slip it into your purse and use it anywhere, but it’s not quiet so don’t do it unless you want everyone to know your secret.

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  1. June 9, 2010 6:55 am

    Great review – i can’t wait to get my hands on one of their toys!

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