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Review: Vibrating Glass Twister

June 26, 2010

$40.99 from

Everyone I talk to seems to be in love with glass dildo sex toys yet I could  never see the appeal. After trying out the Vibrating Glass Twister I understand that fascination just a bit better. Despite being unable to fully get off on the Twister it definitely provided some arousing sensations with its raised spiral design. It’s truly beautiful and I love it.

It’s 7″ long  6″ insert-able 0.75″ diameter with a raised hot pink spiral that reminds me of those licorice ropes. The tip is angled slightly to stimulate the g-spot and prostate should you choose. The great thing about glass is that it’s perfect for temperature play. The glass retains heat or cold. To achieve this just stick it in the fridge, freezer take care with this one, or under hot water. The length of time that the glass retains your preference really depends on your own body temperature.

Made from glass it is non-porous and can be sterilized so that you can share it with a partner, use it vaginally or anally, as a paper weight, or any other type of swapping you desire; assuming you clean or sterilize it first of course. To achieve this just low-boil it in a pot of water for 3-8 minutes.

Maybe it’s just me but curved tip creates a nice pressure as the spiral design provides me with a slight rippling sensation. My favorite feature however would have to be the ringed handle. There is a hole through the middle that you’re supposed to shove the included bullet into to make it vibrate, but I’ll go into why it sucks in a moment. The hole is the perfect size to slip a finger partway through which really helps with some gentle thrusting.

You may have noticed that I said the included bullet sucks. I wasn’t lying. The included bullet is housed in plastic with a 2ft long cord that you plug into it’s small pink handheld. There are 10 different settings that you can scroll through. Three speeds; low, medium, and high. The rest of the speeds are various morse code types. You have your roller coaster, pulse, wave, acceleration, so on and so forth.

Despite running on three AAA batteries the level of vibration doesn’t seem to change. It feels a little weaker than a cellphone vibration. How the expect this to vibrate through a solid glass dildo is beyond me. You stick it through the hole and can feel that tiny little buzz that you is it or isn’t it “Is my cellphone vibrating?” game with yourself. It sucks.

I really wish was that Pipedream would have included some sort of storage case for it to be housed in but aside from that and the crappy bullet this was an excellent first step into the world of glass for me. I think I’ll be looking for some other designs to try, so feel free to leave me some suggestions.


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