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Review: Lelo Mia

November 10, 2010

Lelo Mia $59.99 from

Lelo Mia seems to be the top recommendation for a very discreet clitoral vibrator due to its lipstick tube appearance. Who would be the wiser when digging through your purse looking for money or condoms even. No one would guess that you secretly please yourself on the go.

Now this logic would be thrown out the window if they were to pull off the cap in an attempt to use said lipstick to be greeted with a USB end. You could easily save face and say that it is a flash drive. Of course they could fiddle with the buttons and turn it on, but you can fix that as well by holding the + and – button down for five seconds until the LED lights up and goes dark again. To unlock just repeat the process.

Charging Mia is easy and there are a few ways that you can go about it:

  1. Plug Mia directly into a USB port on your computer.
  2. Use the provided 17” extension cable. One end plugs into your computers USB port and the other end allows you to plug Mia into it.
  3. Plug Mia into a USB to wall socket converter if you have one.

From dead to alive the manual estimates a two hour charging time, mine however only took an hour and lasted about four hours on high, give or take. If you’re charging Mia with your computers USB port you might ask if your computer has to be on or not for it to charge. This isn’t something I can answer as it really depends on your computer and if power still runs to the USB ports when your computer is off or in standby mode.

Mia’s continuous vibrations make a steady climb from low to high and compare from a weak cellphone vibration  to that med-high point on most bunny style vibrators. Not being a manual reader I stumbled upon its three variation patterns by accident. No laughing as I’m sure others have done so as well!

These patterns can be found by pressing the + button for a few seconds after you’ve reached Mia’s highest vibration point. Upon releasing the button it should switch over into a low-high strength slow pulse. The next two patterns are just speed variations of this pulse. A medium pace which reminds me of saying, “WEEE-OOOUUU WEE-OUUU”, like a police siren as a kid, and a traditional fast pace pulse.

You’ll continually cycle through those three patterns until you hit the – button which will kick you back into continuous vibration mode. The rounded tube end houses a majority of the vibrations, but they can be felt at the flatter tip/cap end as well. I wouldn’t attempt to grind or press into the cap end because it easily pops off, and well my vagina is NOT a USB port.

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The vibration strength was enough to get me excited but not enough to really push me anywhere close to getting off. I could see using Mia as a way to relieve a bit of pent up frustration but not as an actual tool to get a fulfilling sense of satisfaction. The vibrations just are not strong enough.

My recommendation goes two ways. If you’re looking for a discreet vibrator that hides in your purse as something to tame you while you’re out then the price may be worth it. If you could care less about someone guessing what your purse holds and want something to really satisfy you I would invest in something like the Lelo Siri. It is small, rechargeable, and fits in the palm of your hand. The strength is also twice that of Mia. Don’t care if it’s rechargeable and want something a bit more low cost? Go with the Layaspot from Fascinations.


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