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Review: Fetish Fantasy Series Handcuffs

January 12, 2012

$39.99 from

I’d like to think that a majority of people think of handcuffs when they want to restrain their partner. I mean think about it; handcuffs are in nearly any movie that revolves restraining someone to a bed. They are common, easy to get a hold of, and have been around for these bedroom purposes for a long time. Sadly I still remember asking my Uncle why they had handcuffs on their bed years ago. At the time I was told it was to “restrain their cat.” I always found it odd, but who was I at eight or so to question that? It wasn’t until later that I was like “ah ha!” and figured it out thanks to the media.

Back on point, handcuffs are something that most people like to try out at least once even though there are better ways of restraining your lover to the bed. While I have better methods such as velco cuffs, buckle cuffs, Sportsheet’s under the bed restraint system and their velcro bedsheet system,  sometimes breaking out the raw metal handcuffs is just thrilling and adds to the excitement of the fantasy.

The last set of cuffs I had were a cheap $8.00 pair I bought off of ebay. They broke the first time we used them.  This time I decided to go with something a little more expensive, Fetish Fantasy Series Handcuffs. They boast that they are “professional police” style, but I handed them over to a cop friend and he just laughed.  While they are nowhere near “professional police” style they will do the job.

Trying to describe handcuffs is difficult, they are handcuffs;  metal and made in china. My pair came slightly scuffed and I’m not sure if that’s typical. While it’s one of those eye roll things it doesn’t take away from the product itself. They are a bit stiff to use at first, so don’t just go banging them around someones wrist like the world depends on you cuffing them in point two seconds. It’s going to hurt them, and not in an erotic way.  To solve some of the stiffness I sprayed a bit of WD-40 on them which seemed to help the cuffs ratchet together smoother than they were.

Unlike cheaper handcuffs these do not feature a safety release button on the side. Instead there is just a keyhole that you stick the key in to and twist to release the cuffs which gives you that secure feeling that your partner will not escape easily. Though if you lose the key you can jimmy the lock with a paper clip, it’s just more of a pain in the ass. If you can’t do that then heading to your local police station to have them use their keys may be your next option. Cop Friend says it happens more often that you think.

One feature I wish these handcuffs had was are double-locks. Double-lock stops the cuff from ratcheting tighter and keeps them at the lock position you want them. However, these cuffs DO NOT feature that so you’ll need to take care that when you or your partner struggles or presses on the cuffs that they don’t unintentionally tighten too much.

I know I make it sound like these cuffs are bad, but the truth is they aren’t. They are cheap yet durable and will allow you to play out the fantasy you wish.


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