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Review: LELO Elise

January 24, 2012

The LELO Elise has been on my wishlist for a few years. When it first crossed my “gotta have it” radar it was because of the sleek and modern design that not many vibrators had. It was eye catching and somewhat unique. Now days there are many more vibrators that appear with the same simplistic modern look that I enjoy, but rarely do they boast that they have dual motors like the Elise does. Which is why it stayed on my wishlist.

Dual motors?! What are you talking about?!  What could this mean? It’s quite simple; there are two independent motors that run the Elise. One is at the base and the other at the tip and you have the ability to switch from one to the other to focus the attention of vibrations where you want them the most. Not very many vibrators feature this option so it’s pretty nifty.

Vibrations, vibrations, vibrations; the subject which you are more than likely interested in the most. The LELO Elise does not disappoint. The steady vibrations start out as a deep rumble and gradually move to a  buzzy vibration that tingles my nose in five steps. They are not the strongest vibrations in the world. I asked Maverick how he’d describe them and he said, “mild” and compared them to a little stronger than PS3 controller’s vibration.

In addition to the steady vibrations the LELO Elise also has four vibrational patterns. You control these patterns by using the up and down arrow buttons on the handle. I almost typed controller as it reminds me of a SEGA Genesis d-pad. Anyways, the patterns are as follows:

  1. Tip motor only
  2. Base motor only
  3. Both motors in short alternating pulses
  4. Both motors longer alternating pulses

Personally my favorite is #5, which is just having both motors going at the same time in a steady vibration. I don’t count it as a pattern because most vibrators start off with that steady vibration or that is the only option they come with. Nothing new or spectacular.

The addition of a second motor doesn’t make much of a difference to me. Most noticably, the handle vibrates when the lower motor is on and this is numbing to my hands. The vibrations from the motor at the tip seem weak in comparison to the vibrations from the lower motor.

*Click to view larger images*

Elise is made of silky soft silicone and plastic. The silicone is just velvety feeling and quite smooth. I experienced no ‘drag’ effect when using the Elise like I have with other silicone toys. The shaft is completely hard with no give and is slightly curved. Some say it’s to help stimulate your g-spot but I say MEH! The LELO Elise is NOT designed for that. The curve is nice because it just allows a natural flow to most female anatomy rather than being a straight ramming rod.

As far as things go the LELO Elise was not enough to get me off. In fact I found myself becoming frustrated because the vibrations just were not strong enough for me and I’m not a patient person. However I should note that I’m not too sensitive to vibrations (especially internally) so that more than likely plays a large role.

Pros Cons
  • Switch between two motors
  • Modern & simplistic looking
  • Quiet even on high settings
  • Rechargeable
  • Travel Lock by pressing the middle of d-pad for 5 seconds
  • One Year Warranty (Receipt required)
  • Mild Vibrations
  • Hand numbing.
  • Splash-proof only
  • High price tag despite average performance

I do not suggest this for someone who has trouble with your average vibrators vibration strength because it will perform the same despite the larger price tag. I’d recommend one but I’m still on the search for one for internal vibrations myself.


Use the code ONS15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase!

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