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Review: LELO Soraya

February 1, 2012

LELO has always been one of my favorite brands for the aesthetically pleasing design of their toys. However their high price tag has never meant the product will work for me and often times it’s more in the MISS field than anything. This doesn’t stop me from wanting to test out some of their new toys when I get the chance.

The LELO Soraya is a rabbit style vibrator in LELOs semi-new Insignia line. I know that I overuse the word luxurious, but that’s really the only way to describe the look of this toy aside from high end and so expensive looking that you’d need to sell your soul to get a hold of it.

My Soraya is hot pink and gold. At first I mistook the gold plates on the side for metal but they are just metallic plastic. Soraya’s body features an ABS core wrapped in a smooth silicone; this makes it quite rigid with no give. The actual clitoral stimulator is semi-flexible so that you can adjust it a little to the right position. Unlike most rabbits the actual stimulator is just an oblong bulb and not a funny animal shape in an attempt to be cute; which I can appreciate.

With two motors you can use the shaft and clitorous stimulator independently, together, or simply enjoy the combination of the two with patterned vibrations.  LELO doesn’t describe or tell you about the patterns so here’s my best description:

  • Steady vibrations in both the shaft and clitorous stimulator
  • Steady vibrations in just the clitorous stimulator
  • Steady vibrations in just the shaft
  • Alternating/Back and forth pulse vibration between the shaft and clitorous stimulator
  • Both the clitoral stimulator and shaft pulsate at the same time
  • Escalating wave between the clitorous stimulator that moves to the shaft.
  • Escalating wave between the clitorous stimulator and shaft that has some sort of pulse in it
  • LELO’s song – some kind of chaos type that pulses, vibrates, and erratic switches between the clitoral stimulator and shaft. It seriously sounds like a song. The video below is for the LELO Siri which has the same song.

Now for a rechargeable vibrator I found that the vibrations on the Soraya were pretty damn strong. Sure they are not Hitachi strong, but they are the strongest I’ve felt in a while for a vibrator. Enough that they conquered my clit-o-steel.

Really I’m at a loss of what to compare their strength with, but I can tell you that unlike some of my other toys their strength kept the same rumbly feeling instead of moving to a buzzy numb vibration. I found that the clitoral stimulator seemed to be stronger in terms of strength than the shaft as well.

Complaint wise I only have a few issues with this toy.

Number one: The clitoral stimulator doesn’t provide a lot of pressure. While flexibility is nice I would have liked a bit more rigidness so that I didn’t have to push myself into it.

Number two: It is a bitch to clean. You would think that not only being made of silicone and plastic AND being waterproof this would be easy. However the plastic plates that give this a beautiful design have a tiny gap between their edge and the start of the silicone making it a hoarder of gunk and a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. I like my toys to be squeaky clean so I used a flat headed toothpick to get in and out of the crannies, but I shouldn’t have had to resort to such measures.

Two complaints for a whole toy? Not too bad. This is one LELO product that I would suggest paying the price tag on if you want a rabbit style vibrator. It’s modern looking, waterproof, rechargeable, quiet even at its highest settings and strong enough to get you off. What more could you ask for?


If you’re confused on how it can be rechargeable AND waterproof there is a little silicone ‘door’ where you shove the charger into. When you take it out it closes again. Simple and easy.


Use the code ONS15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase!

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