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Review: Mood Naughty Plug

February 21, 2012

Back in 2009 I listened to a fellow reviewer rave on and on about the Bootie plug and how it was awesome for everyday wear due to the base of the plug being slightly curved, long, and skinny so that it fit between the butt cheeks perfectly. Eventually I tried it out for myself and loved it, however I have no idea what happened to that plug; perhaps I swapped it with someone or something. So when I saw that had a similar styled plug I decided it was a must try.

The Mood Naughty Plug features a similar bottom and the best way to describe it is a large stretched out open C shaped curve. It’s also slim so that it doesn’t pry your butt cheeks apart during wear, instead it allows for nearly invisible wear.

I wish I could say there is something extremely special about this plug aside from the base, but I can’t. It’s a butt plug made of medical grade silicone so it is Phthalate free, hypoallergenic, non-porous and can be sterilized to share with the world.

My Mood Naughty Plug is the large version which gives you around 4.5” of insertable length and 1.25” diameter at its largest point, it’s tapered after all. I mention that 1.25” of the insertable length is for the neck and can’t really be felt. I feel that it’s a bit long and jips you of the experience. Not to mention that I found that my body seemed to put the neck out and pull it back in. This could have been fun if it had any real feeling, but it was just too small for me. A bad analogy would pursing your lips slightly and sucking on a pencil like you’re studding for a test.  You feel it but you don’t.

This plug is good for beginners due to its size. It’s small enough that insertion with water based lubricant should be comfortable and large enough that it provides a “something in me” sensation without being uncomfortable. The largest point as I mentioned is 1.25” around. This is right at the very end of the taper which immediately drops off to the neck part of the toy. I recommend it more than other plugs of smaller size due to open C-shaped bottom, which I’ve made a huge point to drill into your skulls over and over.

However if you’re a more experienced anal player and something that fills you a bit more, this isn’t for you. If you want something that only you know is in for the hotness factor then go for it. As for myself I found it a nice change of size and something I’d use again for those days I want to feel naughty and walk around comfortably in public.

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