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Hello, my name is Juliettia and I am a twenty-some year old young woman married to an incredible man named Maverick. He is my first and only partner. Retro video games are my favorite. I have a passion for sex but don’t believe that is all there is to a relationship. My sex life is a mixture of vanilla and kink. It’s hard to apply a label since it all just seems normal to me. I love to be loved, and I love to love.

One thing I strive for is to keep my personal life separate from my reviewing. You will not find any photos revealing myself or my identity. You shouldn’t anyways. If you do happen to find such, please e-mail me so I can try to remedy the situation. It’s not that I’m embarrassed, it’s more out of respect to my family.

During the fall of 2008 a friend told me about reviewing sex toys for EdenFantasys*. My first few reviews sucked and I’m unsure of why they even approved me to become a reviewer. However, since then my reviews have greatly improved and my addiction to reviewing and testing out toys has stayed strong. Currently I review for Babeland, PinkCherry,, NiteTimeToys, and OurNaughtySecrets.

Interested in having me review something here on my blog? Have suggestions for how I can improve? Send an email my way and I promise to take a look at it without hitting delete! juliettia.wolf at gmail dot com.

You can also find me on twitter, @Juliettia or tumblr.

*I no longer review for EdenFantasys as they are not sex-positive and I disagree with many of their practices, 

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