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Disclosure Policy

At the FTC’s urging this policy is valid starting from 21 June 2009.

Juliettia is a personal blog written, edited, and maintained by my alter-ego Juliettia.

While I often accept products of a sexual nature (sex toys, porn, lingerie, etc) in exchange for review, I want it to be clear that nothing influences my opinion. Every review is completely honest free of any content that would conflict with my views and opinions. I am never compensated with anything other than the ability to keep the products I’ve reviewed.

I try to disclose where the product was acquired  from by linking to the product store through-out the review, placing a banner in the bottom of the review, and/or stating where it was sent from in the review. With this in mind I also sometimes choose to review products I have purchased myself and will use similar linking practices or choose not to link the product at all.

The affiliates that are located in my sidebar and affiliate links throughout the site have nothing to do with my reviews and do not influence any content that is located on my site. As an affiliate I can make a small percentage of commission from buyers who have purchased something using my affiliate codes.

For any further questions or concerns feel free to contact me at juliettia.wolf [AT]

To get your own policy, go to
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